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Transportation Information

Parents are encouraged to provide transportation for student to and from In- Person Tutoring Sessions. We are providing community stops for those who absolutely need bus transportation.

Students MUST sign up for a bus each time they need transportation. Bus assignments and transportation needs will change each week to meet the needs of students attending In-Person Tutoring Sessions. Students will not be allowed on the bus if they are not on the bus roster for that week.

Students MUST fill out the attestation form each time they sign up for bus transportation.

Students MUST sign up for bus transportation by 5pm on the Wednesday the WEEK BEFORE the assigned In-Person Tutoring Session. Bus request made after 5pm on Wednesdays will not be scheduled for the following week.

Please understand that bus max capacity, number of buses, and bus routes will limit the amount of students who will be able to receive bus transportation.

Once a student is assigned a bus and community stop- the student will be emailed by the Friday the week before the assigned In- Person Tutoring session.

Bus Evacuation

It is required that students be trained on the location and operation of emergency exits of their particular bus. An alternative to physically evacuating out the rear emergency exit is to view the following video.  Please view the bus evacuation video and sign off on the Google Form below. Thank you!